04 March 2007

A little restraint

It seems the Princess Diana bandwagon will roll on into its 10th anniversary, and at last Mohamed al-Fayed has got his hands on the reins. Whether it will take us any closer to the truth of what happened back in August 1997 is another matter.

For me one question remained unanswered - supposing for a moment that Princes Philip and Charles did somehow engineer the whole accident as an attempt to kill Diana, as part of an enormous (and very expensive) state-sponsored attempt to slight Mr al-Fayed, around whom the entire world revolves: How could they be sure she wouldn't be wearing a seatbelt? Her bodyguard, the sole survivor, foiled the plot by the cunning expedient of wearing a seatbelt, apparently the only passenger to have done so. You'd think that if Mr al-Fayed really is motivated by grief and the memory of his dead son, and not self-aggrandisement, he would throw his weight behind a campaign to encourage people to wear seatbelts. To act with restraint, in every sense of the word.

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