04 April 2007

Our survey says...

Do you church? Or maybe you've been de-churched? It's a hot topic of the moment, according to Christian charity Tearfund, which has just published a survey. One in ten in the UK attends church once a week, rising to one in seven once a month. I thought that was quite a good rate of attendance (or bad, depending on the state of your faith), but apparently it gives us the fourth lowest rate of attendance in Europe, despite all the mythical migrant Polish plumbers swelling the Catholic masses (in both senses of the word).

"The first thing they [churches] have really got to wake up to is that there is this big cultural gap between churched and non-churched" Tearfund's president, Elaine Storkey, explained.

Presumably this is something to do with those non-churched people being non-faithed in a non-Christianed sort of way. Or maybe they didn't understand the question.

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