27 July 2007

Giving back to the community

For the first time in a while, the Liberal Democrats are making political headlines in the cut and thrust of local government. The election of Cllr Myrna Bushell to Bideford Council has recently caused a schism within the local party; three fellow Lib Dem Councillors, including the deputy Mayor, have resigned in protest, and now sit as independents. The reason for this blackballing? Mrs Bushell earns a living as a stripper.

Given the Liberal Democrats' recent troubles over senior members being accused of the vices of alcoholism, rent boys, coprophilia and The Cheeky Girls, you'd think they'd positively welcome someone as normal as an ecdysiast. Apparently not, though they were at pains to point out that the resignations were not about personal issues. In a joint statement, the three Councillors said: "We believe that our integrity and principles will be compromised if we stay."

Before Mrs Bushell's victory, they were though apparently happy to stand for election as proud members of the same party as Norman Baker, MP for Lewes, who admits earning up to £10,000 by writing articles for the Mail on Sunday (q.v.). While we all have to earn a shilling somehow, given a choice between the two, I know who emerges with greater moral standing.

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