14 December 2007

It's not dull, it's 'classic'

Ham, Cheese & Pickle; BLT; Prawn Mayo - three ordinary sandwiches. But they come together with the magic of Marks and Spencer to form a 'classic selection' sandwich, to give me the lunch equivalent of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.

Here 'classic' has come to mean 'safe'. Much as you like to think of yourself as broad-minded, adventurous, always chasing new sensations - you still can't bring yourself to risk sandwich disappointment on a felafal and tabbouleh bagel.
Here's where the marketing man can help - he rebrands your lack of adventure. You may have thought you had chosen a boring sandwich, but no; in fact, congratulations, you've actually bought a "classic".

1 comment:

PW said...

Hoffy, your blog is becoming more and more like www.washedandreadytoeat.com by the day. You're reminding me of that classic Adrian Gurwitz hit from 25 years ago, "Gonna write a classic..."