30 August 2008

Where am I?

There is an attempt to modernise the image of the London Tourist Board, captured in a new advertising campaign. In a departure from the traditional shots of Beefeaters, Changing of the Guard and punks with mohican hairstyles, it uses the distinct U-bend shape of the river Thames as a visual leitmotif in a variety of settings, and carries just two words: visit London.

Yesterday I saw one of these ads on a train on the London Underground. I am not sure exactly how attention-deficient the average visitor to London is, but if people do find that particular ad useful or well-placed, I'd wonder how on earth they managed to tie their own laces, never mind negotiate the interchanges on the Central Line.

1 comment:

PW said...

I think the ads are aimed at people who live at the outer reaches of the Central Line. Debden or Fairlop, perhaps. Normally, they never make it beyond Leyton or Stratford. Now, hearing about the magical metropolis and its u-bend for the first time, they vow to make a trip.