22 November 2008

A question of privacy

The death of a child in Haringey has been exercising the minds of the fourth estate this last week. Half a million people have signed a petition calling for the sackings of those in charge of his care. His image has been plastered all over every newspaper and media outlet. His parents have been named, shamed, convicted and sentenced over his death, in a public court of law. The sordid details of his sorry, short life have been endlessly picked over, including the results of his post-mortem.

Yet the media persist in referring to him as Baby P. Sticking my neck out, but I reckon it wouldn't really be considered an invasion of privacy to use his actual name, whatever that is. I'd hazard a guess that protection from media intrusion is not something he has much use for these days. At least putting a name to that sad, haunted face might give him a shred of dignity, and remind us he was a person not a political football or means to sell newspapers.

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