05 February 2009

Lust for life insurance

Are you the sort of guy who is too cool for insurance? No Claims Bonuses - grrrrrr - not my bag baby, no way. I'm, like, Born to be Wild, man - the Iggy Pop of medium-sized family car drivers. Hey look, there's Iggy Pop selling car insurance for swiftcover - that's the cover for me! What Iggy Pop wouldn't know about Excess Fee Damage Waivers ain't worth knowing. Wow-ee, I'm hip to that strapline "Get a life. Get swiftcovered".

Almost as painful and embarrassing as a car crash. Not to mention depressing, seeing once credible artists as tamed corporate shills. As usual, Bill Hicks said it best:

"You can print this in stone, and don't you ever forget it: Any - any - performer that ever sells a product on television is for now and all eternity removed from the artistic world. I don't care if you shit Mona Lisas out of your ass on cue: you've made your fucking choice."

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Annetta said...

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