17 June 2009

The toughest girl in Belgium

All over the news this week is the story of a girl who got more than she bargained for in a trip to a tattoo parlour. According to her account of the story, she asked for three small stars to be tattooed onto her face, but instead got a whole faceful of permanent ink (story here). Apparently she fell asleep, and the zealous tattoo artist got a bit carried away. A modern cautionary tale, and general sympathetic noises about the cross this girl will have to bear.

I surely can't be the only person who doesn't believe her, and reckon this should be a story filed under "a tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas". I think she changed her mind when she saw the reaction of friends and family, and needs to save face, quite literally. My reasoning is based upon the understanding that tattoos hurt quite a lot. In fact, an incredible amount, from conversations I have had with people who have endured this process of body art. I think I would find it quite difficult to "fall asleep" with someone sticking needles in my face repeatedly.

Or maybe this will be one occasion when someone is sued for not engaging in sharp business practice.

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PW said...

I think she had a picture of Posh & Becks tattooed between her shoulder blades too, but just hasn't looked in the mirror yet.