01 December 2006

Shaken in stir

"I've seen the future, and it's murder". Or so sang Leonard Cohen. But not if the British police have their way. Nor will it be Armed Robbery, Assault With a Deadly Weapon or GBH. Because they have found a way to prevent crime before it even happens, by using a massive database to target citizens who fit the profile of criminals.


According to the police the point of the list is "trying to pick up Ian Huntley before he goes out and commits that murder. Then we have the opportunity to stop something turning into a lethal event.” Quite why we would need a whole database just to stop Ian Huntley from committing murder again, particularly when he is already in prison, remains unclear.

Could it be that the government has finally lost all touch with reality and has taken to basing new policy upon whatever is showing at the cinema - in this case minority report. Presumably we'll get a quick resolution on this recent Russian spy-poisoning episode in London, once Tony gets around to watching Casino Royale.

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PW said...

It may be, of course, that certain rogue elements in foreign intelligence services already employ these 'precog' techniques. This could be their justification for running around the world bumping people off.