23 November 2006

Crap names for products # 1

As the Season of Goods is upon us like an attack of bird flu, it's a great time for new product launches, with everyone hoping to cash in on man's desperate need to buy a gift for his fellow man (or woman).

Spotted in the Underground today - a new fragrance from Carolina Herrera: "212 sexy".

Rule number one of advertising: "show it, don't say it" - if you want me to think sexy, don't call your product "sexy", especially something as etheral as a perfume.

Not coming soon to a shop near you: Calvin Klein's "Desperate", Chanel's "Something to cover up the B.O.", and "Slightly pissed and up for a snog", by Givenchy.

1 comment:

PW said...

Judging by your photo, Hoffy, they do seem to be showing it as well as saying it.