30 September 2007


If you will forgive a little self-indulgence, today marks one year since Hofflimits published its first posting. During that time we have hosted over 500 visits, not all by me, including 381 unique visitors from 7 different countries. Of these, 231 of you were brave enough to come back for more than one visit - if that's you, Hofflimits thanks you for your persistence, or optimism that the quality might pick up. Actually these stats belie the true data, since I only started tracking activity about 6 months ago.

A year ago, as Hofflimits was finding its voice, the country was caught up in a row started by Jack Straw about the appropriateness of the use of the Muslim veil in public. One year on, and we find a dentist has been found guilty of serious professional misconduct for insisting female patients wear headscarves (story here). The dentist admitted he would ask Muslim women to cover up in accordance with Islamic law, but, thankfully for comfort of those whose teeth he might drill, this doesn't seem include wearing the veil. So we've obviously come a long way since 2006, and I like to think Hofflimits has played its part in framing the debate.

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Happy Blogday, Hoff.