12 November 2007

All or nothing

Walking down the Obsesity Aisle in my local Tesco, beyond the mega bumper multi-packs of reconstituted fried vegetable matter and salt, I was looking to see if they still also sold single serving sized packets of crisps. For those days when you can't quite manage 24 bags of Wotsits for lunch.

The section for single portions was marked with a sign that read: "Individual Crisps". Which seemed to be taking things to the other extreme - even I'd expect to buy more than one.

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PW said...

There's this common belief that obesity leads to certain death. A quick trip down any high street in the UK shows an extraordinary proportion of the population seemingly defying medical science and conventional wisdom. You've misunderstood the Wotsit multipack, Hoffy. The 24 packs are split evenly at lunchtime between mum, dad and four kids. That gives them four packs each. If they clock up another in the afternoon, they've reached their five a day.