11 November 2007

The right man for the job

Jonathan Aitken has been invited to advise the Conservative Party on prison reform (story here). Presumably Jeffrey Archer's invitation got lost in the post.

Whatever next? David Mellor on incentives for married couples? Norman Lamont on fiscal policy? Neil Hamilton on financial probity and standards in public life?

But it all makes sense when you realise who was behind the idea: Iain Duncan Smith, on behalf of Centre for Social Justice. I suppose if Iain Duncan Smith can run a think-tank, then Aitken can provide a moral compass for criminal justice.

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PW said...

You're digging up too many bad memories here, Hoffy. Reminds me of when I blagged my way into a posh party last month for the "1,000 Most Influential Londoners". I noted on my blog the attendance of Peter Lilley and started to worry about the definition of 'influential' and whether it had any time limitations attached to it. The thing I remember about him was his singing at the Tory Party conference c1993. Perhaps he could now advise on music and the arts?