15 June 2008

update: moving (very slowly) in mysterious ways

At the start of the week, I mentioned my Jonah complex, after experiencing significant rail disruption while reading God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens. By Thursday the power lines had been repaired and travels times were getting back to normal, and I continued to read Mr Hitchens' polemic as I waited for cancelled trains to take me home.

Thursday evening came, and my scheduled service left on time for the first time in a week, as I buried my head in my book, by now nearly at the end. Meanwhile, ahead of me a goods train was being derailed, bringing with it the usual effects with which I had become so familiar: replacement bus services, misinformation, confusion and open-ended delays.

While I accept the logic of Mr Hitchens' arguments, I think I'll be sure to finish the book before I next take the train to London.

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