16 November 2006

Blues language

Poor old Ashley Cole. As if it weren't bad enough being married to Cheryl Tweedy and having to play for Chelsea, some embittered Arsenal fans have taken offence at his petulant departure from The Gunners and daubed graffiti on his house. According to The Sun, these hoodlums have scrawled the words c*** and w***** on Mr Cole's property.

While I am endebted to The Sun for protecting me from the disgraceful language, a part of me wants to know whether they meant Mr Cole was a c*** or a c***. I've sometimes thought of him as a bit of t***** (but not a t***), but that was probably because he used to play for Arsenal. What puzzles me most, though, was why The Sun thought c*** would be more morally harmful than the contents of page 3, Deirdre's problem page, or the Bizarre column, all of which give quite graphic sexual content on a regular basis. The silly bunch of w*****s.

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