26 January 2007

The Pooper Scoop

Not before time, a tabloid journalist has been sent to prison. Sadly not for anything more important that sourcing his "scoops" from illegal wire taps upon the Royal household. He didn't quite show the same respect for the law that the News Of The World likes to expect of others, according to his Brief: "Whilst of course appreciating that what he was doing was improper, unethical and reprehensible, Mr Goodman did not know it amounted to a criminal offence."

Such a succinct career summary is, of course, a badge of honour for members of the Fourth Estate. However, he does somewhat blot his copy book for claiming to be "a man of the highest integrity" who had "departed from a lifetime of high standards". Which begs the question: what, then, was he doing working for the News of the World?

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