29 January 2007

Feeling Jaded

I think I'm probably supposed to hate Jade, whose recent public transformation from Idiot-Next-Door to racist antichrist was documented on Big Brother. But I don't want to play the game of judging her guilty of Hatecrime based upon selectively edited coverage from a TV show desperate for ratings. However, I am confident enough to say she is a twit.

The people who have accused her of being a moron are missing the point. Of course she is. She's the People's Moron. How we laughed when she asked if chick peas were made from chicken and how we cried when she broke up with her boyfriend in the pages of OK! magazine. And how horrified everyone was when she displays an unsophisticated understanding of someone from India - from the woman who thought East Anglia was a separate country.

On a TV format designed to celebrate and immortalise troglodyte behaviour, grousing about Big Brother contestants is the rage of Caliban seeing his own face in the glass. It's like complaining that Maureen from Driving School can't drive.

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