08 February 2007

Lord Reith on permanent rotation

Quiz time. Which of these programmes was NOT available to watch on TV last night:

a) Fat men can't hunt - a film crew follows a group of overwight Brits dropped in Africa to prove they have lost their hunter gather skills a mere 10,000 years after the invention of agriculture.

b) The Flavor [sic] of Love - different girls compete for the affections of former Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav.

c) You don't know you were born - an actor tries to be a baker because his grandfather was a baker. Funnily enough, he isn't any good at it.

d) Monkey Tennis.

When they said the digital revolution was going to bring choice, I'm not sure I realised that it was a choice between 17 different sorts of excrement in televisual form. Coming soon - "I'm a TV Executive - get me a decent idea before someone burns down Television Centre", a new reality TV show where the stakes really are high.

The sad thing is, that the above quiz is really true, and I only made up one of the shows. The really sad thing is - the fictional show would probably have been better than any of the other three.

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