01 May 2007

Give us a clue

Naturally Tony Blair is upset to be leaving office. But not half as upset as he is about who will succeed him as Prime Minister. So when he annouced the inevitable today, he couldn't even bear to mention his name, as if the very words 'Gordon Brown' would ensure the succession would come to pass, like a performatory utterance.

Instead he opted for a parlour game, when he said:

"In all probability a Scot will become prime minister of the United Kingdom, someone who has built our economy into one of the strongest in the world, and who, as I have said many times before, would make a great prime minister for Britain."

Ooh, hang on, I know this one. Is it John Reid?

Incidentally, what's with the "Scot" reference? If the front runner had been Gerald Kaufman, would Tony Blair have announced that a Jew would be the next Prime Minister?

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PW said...

Given that Blair was educated at Fettes College, he may consider himself to be an honorary Scot. I wonder therefore whether he's referring and foreseeing circumstances in which he'll be forced to stay on in the interests of the people.