17 May 2007

Things you won't find on eBay...

Turning to more serious issues, the theft was reported today of a blue-throated Amazon parrot who delivers a high-pitched squawk if Manchester United are mentioned within earshot. The bird doesn't appear to have any other talents, apart from speaking his name, but the owner believes that the bird was stolen to order, which is an interesting concept:

Customer: "I'd like to buy a parrot that shrieks whenever I say 'Manchester United'."
Pet shot owner: "Sorry, sir, I've just sold the last one."
Customer: "You couldn't tell me the address, could you?"

1 comment:

PW said...

At least it's a Man Utd parrot. Had it been a Chelsea fan, questions might have emerged about quarantine regulations.

During the FA Cup Final, I imagine the bird will be squawking very loudly, so the owner will no doubt be keeping his ear to the ground.