17 January 2008

Iron my plants

Prize for most bizarre heckle of the week goes to two American men who stood up in a televised appearance by Hillary Clinton with signs saying "Iron my shirt". Presuming this was not a genuine cry for laundry help, it has been generally interpreted as a way of saying that Hillary's place is in the home, rather than the White House. Conspiracy theorists have been quick to suggest the men were plants by Hillary's own campaign to evince sympathy ahead of the Primary vote.

It is possible that, instead, they were concerned voters who wanted Hillary to demonstrate a common touch by performing an ordinary domestic chore. No doubt the two gentlemen were due to pitch up at a Mitt Romney event with signs saying "put up my shelves". Given the closeness of the race in New Hampshire, I reckon it would have been worth getting out the ironing board to gain two extra votes.

1 comment:

PW said...

I reckon none of the leading candidates would know how to iron a shirt. They'd all have someone to do it for them. John Edwards might conceivably be the kind of guy who could turn his hand to putting up a shelf, but perhaps I've been taken in by his southern charm and contrived empathy with America's disaffected blue-collar voters.