07 January 2008

This was the news

There are often a lot of repeats on TV at this time of year. Even so, to have the same programme virtually repeated within the hour on a competing TV station shows a systematic lack of imagination, even by the standards of contemporary television.

Getting in there first, at 8pm, was "Tonight" with Sir Trevor McDonald, warning us about the dangers of Internet paedophile predators, acting as a spoiler for BBC1's "Panorama" about, er, Internet paedophile predators not half an hour later. Either I have missed some big news story recently, or both of the main TV channels' flagship investigative programmes have simultaneously had the idea to broadcast a story that was considered hot about 5 years ago.

It seems it's not just the pederasts who are disguising themselves to perpetuate a deception. Panorama now seems to be content dressing up as a once-serious current affairs programme, peddling a story that astonishes no-one.

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