10 February 2008

...as the Imam said to the Archbishop.

The bizarre row involving the Archbishop of Canterbury and Sharia law really caught me off guard for three reasons, and I am not sure which is the most surprising:

1) Journalists from The Sun apparently waded through several pages of a theological lecture because they thought it would interest their readers.

2) What Dr Williams actually said was:

"I have been arguing that a defence of an unqualified secular legal monopoly in terms of the need for a universalist doctrine of human right or dignity is to misunderstand the circumstances in which that doctrine emerged, and that the essential liberating (and religiously informed) vision it represents is not imperilled by a loosening of the monopolistic framework."

And from this, The Sun has visions of beheadings taking place on Oxford Street.

3) If we are to believe the amount of space dedicated to the story in the media, the majority of the British population actually gives a toss what the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks.

Far from being "shocked" and "overwhelmed", Rowan Williams should be delighted people are not only listening to him but apparently taking him seriously.

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